Operating System and Entertainment Partners Canada (EPC) Software

Microsoft has recently released Windows 8, the follow-up Operating System (O/S) to Windows 7. Also, Microsoft has indicated that Windows XP has reached End-of-Life, and End-of-Support. Endo of Life for Microsoft Vista is fast approaching, as well.

Once Microsoft announces a new O/S, our developers begin rigorous testing of the product on the new platform. When Microsoft announces End-of-Life for an O/S, they no longer upgrade the software to allow for new features, and only provide a minimum of security updates. For the EPLive and  Entertainment Partners on Location (EPOL) V4 products, ones which rely on some very sophisticated tools in order to quickly calculate timesheets, these ongoing improvements are important. Since the systems on which our clients are installing the products contain private payroll information, it is of the utmost importance that they are up to date with security patches, and have the ability to resist the most recent vulnerability attacks.  Therefore, we are recommending that our clients using XP and Vista migrate to Windows 7 as their O/S as soon as convenient, to avoid having to perform an unplanned upgrade should XP/Vista cease to function properly. Windows 8 is also now compliant, and more recent, but the maturity and reliability of the Windows 7 O/S makes it the best current choice for business applications.

We have also confirmed that when one installs supported Windows O/S onto a Virtual Machine, either on the Macintosh or a Windows platform, it runs perfectly well. However, the implementation of a Virtual Machine requires not only a bit more expertise, but also valid licenses for the guest installation of the Windows O/S. Each virtual machine also requires its own licensed Anti-Virus program. We have tested our software with VMWare on both Windows and Mac, and with Parallels on OS 10.8 and later on the Macintosh. Our support team can help you installing our EPOL and EPLive software onto your already prepared Virtual Machine.

Entertainment Partners in Los Angeles also have their own requirements for browsers and Operating Environments for their Citrix environment for Vista Exchange, Global Vista, and their upcoming Vista 5 software. Their requirements are listed at https://www.entertainmentpartners.com/Content/Products/AccountingSystemsLogin.aspx

We continue to develop new features and look at new technologies to allow us to provide our software to a broader range of systems. We are constantly evaluating new O/S clients for data entry and presentation, computational resource requirements for the calculation of hours to gross, and simple yet reliable and secure methods for the transfer of information. As of today, the local full Windows versions of EPOL V4 with EPLive, along with a distributed method of local and offsite data storage, offers the best security, communication reliability, computational power, and functionality to our clients.